We will be starting Pinot Noir harvest at 5.30am Tuesday morning.


This was the message that came through to the team early this month, and on the 10th January, the 2023 harvest officially kicked off at Wildekrans.

The team was up and out in the vineyards early to harvest a beautiful bounty of Pinot Noir grapes before the fierce heat of the day hit, which can punish the grapes. (If the cut bunches are exposed to too much heat, there is a chance of fermentation starting before the grapes reach the cellar).

These grapes are used to produce our beautiful MCC Brut Rosé so it’s preferable to harvest early in the season while the sugar content in the grapes is relatively low.

It was only fitting to mark the arrival of these glorious grapes from the vineyards with some sabrage at the cellar once the task was completed.


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