“We are proud to present you with the 2021 mid-year SAWi wine results…”

This was the opening greeting of a recent email that carried some rather huge news for Wildekrans.

SAWi (SA Wine index) has successfully developed a methodology that analyses and compiles the results of over 70 of the most prominent local and international blind wine tasting competitions. It allows for the consideration of multiple features while successfully measuring a wine’s performance over multi-vintages. The wines overall multi-vintage quality is scored out of 100, and only wines with a score of 93+ are selected.

As a simple comparison, the system is similar to how a professional sportsperson would be ranked in their league, based on their performance in the various tournaments they compete it.

We are therefore incredibly humbled and excited about our results:-

Overall Multi-Year Top 10 Winery

Top 10 Red Wine producer


Barrel Select Reserve Cape Blend – 100 Points Overall Top Cape Blend.

Barrel Select Reserve Chenin Blanc – 100 points

Barrel Select Reserve Pinotage – 100 points

Barrel Select Reserve Shiraz – 100 points


Brut Rosé  Mèthode Cap Classique – 93.5 points

A massive congratulations to our team!

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