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Welcome to Wildekrans

Wildekrans Wine Estate is a picturesque 1 000 hectare estate tucked away in the beautiful Bot River Valley amongst fields of indigenous rhenosterbos. Just an hour away from Cape Town International Airport, and 20 minutes from Hermanus, Wildekrans is known for its award-winning wines, olive oils and dining experiences. Wildekrans also offers luxury farm accommodation, and many outdoor activities for nature lovers and biking/hiking enthusiasts.

Come on a journey with us!

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Our Wines

Our celebrated and award-winning wines are incorporated into two main ranges; The Barrel Select Reserve Range, our signature, premium range, and The Estate Range – our classic range.

Wildekrans also produces 3 different olive oils and offers tastings and tours of both the wine and olive oil ranges and operations.

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Introducing De Wet Viljoen

Our Winemaker

De Wet joined the Wildekrans team from Neetlingshof where for over twenty years he was the winemaker producing exceptional wines.

Having grown up on a wine farm near Worcestor, Wildekrans wine maker, De Wet Viljoen must have learned a lot about wine growing and making, simply by osmosis. But, being the youngest of five children, he was not about to inherit the family farm so he went to Stellenbosch University to get educated instead, notching up a B.Sc. in Microbiology before finally reconciling his roots and studying Oenology and Viticulture.

“You start with a very clear idea of what you want but you can’t follow a recipe to get there,” he explains. “It’s more a case of developing an understanding of the vines – knowing them, not theoretically or generically but tangibly. It’s a relationship you conduct on a localised scale, where you chart the soil changes within each vineyard, and through the vineyard management techniques you use, come to know what you can expect from each section of every vineyard. If you get the basics right, it’s far easier for the wine you make to express its origin and personality. The rest follows naturally.”

In De Wet’s own words, “Wines are like humans; we have a place where we were born and raised, and this contributes to who we are. With wines, I aim to create wines with personality and a sense of place.” This philosophy resonates deeply with us at Wildekrans, and we are excited about the journey ahead.


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